Event Wrap: WSIS+10

Published on:Wednesday,18 June 2014

APNIC participated in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+10) High Level Event held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 10 to 13 June 2014.

The event attracted more than 1,600 participants - including 100+ government ministers from around the world - as well as heads of United Nations (UN) agencies and other high-level participants. The purposes of the event was to follow-up on actions lines agreed during WSIS (now turning 10-years-old), develop a vision for the future of WSIS, and influence key UN decisions about the review of the WSIS process expected in 2015.

The format of the event also included an extended version of the WSIS Forum (similar to the IGF), which had workshops organized and attended by different stakeholder groups.

Following some last minute negotiations, the event produced an outcome document, which included a "Statement on the Implementation of WSIS Outcomes" and a "Vision for WSIS Beyond 2015". The document considers the multistakeholder approach as essential in building the information society, and provides a vision for bridging the digital divide, advancing the development of broadband networks, and promoting network security through international cooperation.

APNIC's activities included:

  • APNIC's Pablo Hinojosa was a panellist in the WSIS Forum workshop "Internet Community Partnerships for Development" hosted by the Internet Society. The session discussed Internet development projects being run by the technical community and Pablo presented APNIC's regional IPv6 development work.
  • Pablo was also a panellist at CNNIC's WSIS Forum workshop "A New Conception of ICT Capacity Building", which covered Internet capacity building work underway across the Asia Pacific and examined the future responsibilities for developing skills and infrastructure in the region.
  • Attended two WSIS Forum sessions arranged by the Government of Japan, which focused on ICT development activities and Japan's experience in using ICT disaster recovery.
  • Met with many delegates from the Asia Pacific region to promote APNIC 38 and discussed the next stages of the WSIS process, the upcoming IGF, and preparations for the ITU's upcoming Plenipotentiary Conference.
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