Event wrap: RIPE 68

Published on:Wednesday,21 May 2014

APNIC staff and Executive Council members attended RIPE 68 in Warsaw, Poland from 12 - 16 May2014. APNIC attends Regional Internet Registry meetings to stayinformed on policy discussions and operational developments in otherregions, to report to other communities on APNIC activities, to shareresearch and development results, and to meet with RIR staffto discuss operational matters and other projects.

APNIC activities included:

  • Geoff Huston gave two presentations on APNIC Labs research - "Measuring DNSSEC from an End Users' Perspective" during the DNS Working Group session, and "BGP in 2013" during the RIPE 68 Plenary. Geoff also presented during RIPE's 25th Anniversary plenary session on the history of the Internet.

  • George Michaelson attended the DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center Meeting to share APNIC's DNS-related research and share information on APNIC policies.

  • Paul Wilson presented an update report on APNIC activities.

  • APNIC's Executive Council (EC) held its quarterly face-to-face meeting - details to be published at www.apnic.net/ec.

  • The APNIC EC and the RIPE NCC Executive Board held a Joint Board Meeting to discuss issues of interest, including organizational and Internet governance matters and collaborative activities.

  • APNIC staff met with RIPE NCC counterparts to share information on collaborative projects including business continuity planning frameworks, community survey, and engagement with law enforcement agencies.

  • APNIC monitored and participated in discussions on the IANA transition during an Internet governance panel session and the RIPE Cooperation Working Group session.

  • APNIC staff met with Asia Pacific Internet community members attending RIPE 68 from JPNIC, Softbank, GREE Inc, and Internet Initiative Japan.

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