Event Wrap: PacNOG 15

Published on:Monday,21 July 2014

APNIC staff participated in the 15th Pacific Network Operators Group (PacNOG 15) meeting, conference and education workshop from 14 to 18 July 2014, in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

APNIC was a proud sponsor of the event, which supported the development and stability of the Internet network infrastructure, operations and services in the Pacific.

PacNOG 15 is a continuation of a capacity development program for IP-ISP operators from the Pacific Islands. Participants travelled from Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa, PNG, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Fiji to attend. Most participants in PacNOG events are APNIC Members.

APNIC staff activities included:

  • Elly Tawahi presented the APNIC update on 14 July to 63 attendees. Questions afterwards included how to apply for additional address space from the recovered pool
  • Trainers Nurul Islam and Sheryl Hermoso delivered a four-day Introduction to MPLS/VPNs technical workshop from 15 to 18 July. Attendees represented Kiribati, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Fiji
  • APNIC staff also:
    • Promoted APNIC 38 opportunities to PacNOG attendees
    • Met with the Vanuatu government regarding recommendations for developing the Pacific Youth program
    • Continued discussions with ICANN's President of Stakeholder Engagement for Australasia and the Pacific Islands, Savenaca Vocea, about the ICANN Oceania strategy
    • Invited Pacific economies to attend the upcoming Law Enforcement Agency training in Brisbane at APNIC 38
    • Met with Internet infrastructure authorities in Vanuatu about requirements for root server maintenance and Internet Exchange Points (IXP) as part of APNIC's ongoing commitment to supporting IXP's throughout the Pacific
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