Transfer of AS Numbers now possible with new APNIC policy

Published on:Wednesday,16 April 2014

Today, 16 April 2014, APNIC implemented a change in the Autonomous System (AS) Numbers policy, which will permit the transfer of AS Numbers between APNIC account holders. The proposal reached consensus during APNIC 36 in Xi'An, China in August 2013.

The policy proposal implemented is prop-107: AS number transfer policy proposal.

This policy would permit the transfer of AS Numbers within the APNIC region and between regions with compatible inter-regional AS Number transfer policies.

No other Regional Internet Registry (RIR) currently has an inter-RIR AS Number transfer policy that would permit the transfer of AS Numbers between regions.

The policy change required edits to two documents. The comment period for the draft documents incorporating these policies ended on 10 January 2014. The following updated documents are now officially active:

  • Policies for Autonomous System number management in the Asia Pacific region
  • APNIC transfer, merger, acquisition, and takeover policy

For more information on the history of APNIC policy proposals, see the Policy Proposals page.

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