APNIC at the Global IPv6 Summit 2014

Published on:Tuesday,15 April 2014

China will once again play host to the Global IPv6 and Next Generation Internet Summit 2014 from 17-18 April 2014, and APNIC will present and participate in the event.

The Global IPv6 Summit, held annually since 2000, brings together network operators, content providers, and technical experts to examine IPv6 deployment worldwide and acts as a platform to encourage continued development of the next generation of the Internet. The event, held in Beijing, is co-hosted by the Global IPv6 Forum and Beijing Internet Institute (BII).

APNIC's Deputy Director General, Sanjaya, will present in the session entitled, "Global IPv6 Development & Internet Management" on 18 April. Discussions will focus on IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific region, and the role of IPv6 in the future.

"IPv6 usage is continuing to accelerate with around 3.4% of global Internet traffic carried by IPv6. This is up from 2.5% three months ago, and is on track to hit 10% by the end of the year as more organizations that rely on the Internet invest in their future. We urge organizations in the Asia Pacific to continue down the IPv6 path, especially with indicators showing that available IPv4 address space is continuing to run down quickly around the world," said Sanjaya.

APNIC Services Director, George Kuo, will present an update on mobile IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific region in the "IPv6 on LTE Mobile Network" session, also on 18 April.

"Mobile network operators have started to deploy IPv6 on their networks already, and given the increasing number of mobile devices accessing the Internet, shifting to an IPv6 network infrastructure is a decision carriers need to consider for future growth. Early adopters such as T-Mobile USA provide a strong example to assist mobile operators still discussing their transition implementation strategies," said George.

For more information on IPv6, you can refer to the IPv6 resources available on the APNIC website.

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