Published on:Monday,24 March 2014

APNIC will attend and participate at ICANN 49 in Singapore, from 23 - 27 March 2014.

During the Tech Day session on Monday, 24 March, APNIC Senior Internet Development Advisor Srinivas Chendi will take part in an IPv6 roundtable discussion and present an update on IPv6 deployment in the region.

The APNIC team will also participate in a session to discuss the Asia Pacific Regional IGF (APrIGF) and attend ICANN's first scheduled community consultation sessions regarding the transition of the IANA responsibilities from the US Government. There will also be a community consultation on NETmundial preparations.

To follow the consultation sessions live on Monday, 24 March, or any other sessions, visit the ICANN 49 website.

ISIF Asia Ambassadors

Thanks to ICANN's Asia Pacific Hub for sponsoring three ISIF Asia Ambassadors to attend ICANN 49! The Ambassadors were selected in recognition of their innovative Internet development work in our region, and they will be introduced to ICANN attendees in a video during the Opening Plenary.

There will be an opportunity for attendees on 25 March to hear from the Ambassadors about their projects, and other opportunities to fund or mentor project teams working to improve social and economic development through ICT.

APNIC's Communications Director, Tony Smith, will facilitate the session, and attendees will also hear from other past ISIF Asia recipients.

For more information about ISIF Asia partnerships, please visit the ISIF Asia website.

We hope to see you in Singapore or online at ICANN 49!

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