Published on:Tuesday,13 May 2014

APNIC participated in the 49th meeting of the APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group (APEC TEL) in Yangzhou, China from 21 - 26 April 2014.

APEC TEL aims to improve telecommunications and information infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region by implementing relevant policies to promote ICT infrastructure growth and development.

APNIC has been an official APEC TEL Guest since 2009, and Miwa Fujii, APNIC's Senior Internet Development Advisor, has attended APEC TEL meetings since 2009 to encourage and support IPv6 deployment to APNIC member economies. At APEC TEL 49, Ms Fujii emphasized the importance of IPv6 deployment in mobile networks in particular.

APNIC's activities included:

  • Presented an update on IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific
    • Emphasized that mobile operators should plan for IPv6 in their 3G+, 4G LTE, TD LTE, and other major network upgrades
    • Noted that mobile networks are driving Internet growth in the Asia Pacific, where in particular developing economies are "leapfrogging fixed networks into mobile networks"

  • APNIC's Security Specialist, Adli Wahid, participated in the Security and Prosperity Steering Group (SPSG). Mr Wahid will be a regular contributor to future SPSG activities to share current operational practices for securing Internet infrastructure.
    • Adli noted that Internet security in support of economic growth is a top priority for many APEC member economies. For example, Singapore and China are working to improve their national cyber security frameworks; Korea and Indonesia are investing in end-user safety education.

  • Supported JPIX CEO, Mr Yoshiki Ishida, to share his expertise in IP Peering during the Development Steering Group (DSG) meeting
    • Mr Ishida explained the difference between transit and peering, and mentioned that the importance of IX is equal to the importance of peering and exchanging traffic locally.

Miwa Fujii also delivered the Guest message, thanking APEC TEL for their continued and strong commitment to raising awareness of IPv6 transition in the region.

For more information on IPv6, you can refer to the IPv6 resources available on the APNIC website.

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