Additional IPv4 space now available from APNIC

Published on:Wednesday,28 May 2014

APNIC Members can now apply for more IPv4 space.

Members can now request a maximum of a /22 (or 1,024 addresses) from IPv4 address blocks returned to APNIC by IANA. This is in addition to the maximum of a /22 that Members can receive from the 103/8 ("last /8") block. This gives new and existing Members up to 2,048 IPv4 addresses from these address blocks.

This is the result of implementing prop-105: Distribution of returned IPv4 address blocks (Modification of prop-088).

Members can now apply using the online form via MyAPNIC. Applications will still need to meet the current IPv4 policy criteria.

While this additional IPv4 address space is available, APNIC reiterates the critical need to deploy IPv6 and encourages the community to work towards transitioning to this protocol.

For more information about IPv4 address availability, please see

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