APNIC contributes to WTPF

APNIC, in collaboration with the other RIRs and Internet organizations, contributes to six Opinions for the upcoming WTPF.

APNIC, along with other organizations, actively participated in the Informal Experts Group (IEG), convened by the Secretary General of the ITU to prepare for the World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum (WTPF). In collaboration with other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and other Internet organizations (ISOC and ICANN), APNIC made contributions to the different drafts of the Secretary-General's report and more recently, to the six Opinions that have been annexed to this report.

The World Telecommunications/ICT Policy (WTPF) Forum is a high-level international event to exchange views on the key policy issues arising from today's fast changing information and communication technology (ICT) environment.

In preparation for the upcoming WTPF from 14 to 16 May in Geneva, the five RIRs (via the NRO) have issued a commentary to these Opinions, two of them about subject matters related to core RIR functions: one on capacity building for the deployment of IPv6, and the other on IPv6 adoption and the transition from IPv4.

In addition to this, APNIC's Director General, Paul Wilson, has just released an article he has authored, titled 'Internet addressing in the 2010s: IPv4 exhaustion and address transfers and their impact on IPv6 deployment'.

In his article, Paul Wilson stresses the fact that, "regardless of the advent of IPv4 transfers and the possible emergence of an IPv4 market, the long-term future growth and success of the Internet is dependent on the successful deployment of IPv6." He concludes by saying, "IPv6 provides the only means to achieve long-term growth while maintaining the critical technical features of the Internet: globality, neutrality, and openness."

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