Discussion of key operational issues at APNIC 35/APRICOT 2013

Asia Pacific’s leading technologists to address region’s key Internet operational issues at APRICOT/APNIC event.

Singapore is this week hosting the Asia Pacific’s premier Internet event, the APRICOT 2013 summit which includes the APNIC 35 Conference, taking place at the Shangri-La Hotel from 19 February to 1 March 2013. This event sees the region’s networking operators, engineers and researchers, as well as business leaders, government and intergovernmental representatives gathering to discuss Internet technology and operational issues key to maintaining the growth of the Asia Pacific Internet.

Asia is home to almost half of the world’s Internet users, and Internet adoption continues to grow rapidly. To satisfy the demands of this growth, the Internet Industry in the region needs to be at the leading edge of current technology trends, developments and international best practices. This event aims to address the key issues that challenge network operators such as the deployment of IPv6 as IPv4 addresses grow scarce, the management of infrastructure security concerns and the technologies that can help minimize risk – from established technologies such as DNSSEC to the newer security mechanisms such as RPKI.

The combined event is unique in its ability to attract a broad cross section of leading players from across the entire industry. The more than 700 participants include representatives of the technical community from both the public and private sectors. While many sessions are dedicated to exploring current technical and operational issues in depth, the diversity of participation and interests provides an unrivalled opportunity for participants to meet and work with peers across this dynamic region. It is also an opportunity in particular for networking engineers in South East Asia to attend hands-on workshops and build upon their current skill sets, with tutorial sessions led by the world’s experts in their fields.

“APRICOT 2013 and the APNIC 35 Conference is the Asia Pacific region’s best opportunity for participants to participate, engage, and learn about the technology, operational and policy issues facing the Internet today”, APNIC's Director General, Paul Wilson said.

Key topics of interest

Several key topics will be explored during this combined event; these include:

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IPv6 in mobile networks

A highlight during the week will be a session on IPv6 deployment in mobile networks, which presents a significant challenge for mobile carriers. The session features first-hand experiences from T-Mobile, Samsung, and the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

APNIC Labs, headed by Mr Huston, has a growing collection of IPv6 uptake measurement data, based on end-user readiness, which can be viewed from several levels of granularity.

“These statistics are for fixed networks – IPv6 implementation across mobile networks presents an entirely different challenge, but as a significant portion of Asia Pacific Internet penetration is due to mobile ubiquity it’s certainly no less important”, said Mr Huston.

APNIC supports the Asia Pacific community efforts to facilitate real, tangible progress on IPv6 deployment. Dr Philip Smith, APNIC Director of Learning and Development, said APNIC is focused on delivering more IPv6 training courses across the region.

“During the past few years, APNIC Training has expanded the course offerings in IPv6 related content. The first step in any transition plan is up-skilling personnel,” Dr Smith said.

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