APNIC's new Vision and Mission for the future

At APNIC 35 in Singapore, the APNIC Executive Council (EC) announced a new Vision and Mission for APNIC.

APNIC is in its 20th year of operations as the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) in the Asia Pacific region, and as a membership-funded organization, our goals have been to serve the Members and wider community to the best of our ability.

Guided by the APNIC By-laws which spell out APNIC's core responsibilities such as allocating and registering Internet resources, providing educational opportunities, and developing public policies and positions, APNIC has developed into a stable and mature organization.

"APNIC's goals have always been guided by the By-laws, which clearly state what we, as a non-profit organization, stand for. This new Vision and Mission better expresses what our role is in the Internet's ecosystem", said Maemura Akinori, the Chair of the EC.

APNIC's new Vision reads as follows:

"A global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community".

The APNIC EC has also re-stated the organization's Mission, based upon the elements spelled out in the By-laws:

APNIC's Director General, Paul Wilson, noted that APNIC's new Vision and Mission clarifies APNIC's role as an organization, particularly among the wider community of stakeholders:

"A vision can give an organization a sort of character, allowing it to be better understood, to be more accessible, and more predictable. It explains not just what APNIC does as an organization and how we do it, but also why we do the things we do".