APNIC Regional Meeting at MYNOG 3

Join us at the first APNIC Regional Meeting, an additional forum to reach out to more of our Members and stakeholders.

Join us at the first APNIC Regional Meeting (ARM), held during MYNOG 3 in Kuala Lumpur on 29 November 2013. APNIC Regional Meetings are a new initiative from APNIC, to reach out to more of our Members and stakeholders to enable wider participation and awareness of APNIC's activities.

They are one-day events where participants will receive training and updates on APNIC Policy and other services. Attendance is free of charge for APNIC Members.


The first APNIC Regional Meeting will be held on 29 November 2013 during MYNOG 3. The full-day program will include an introduction to the APNIC Policy Development Process and the Internet ecosystem, an update on APNIC Services, and two tutorial sessions on DNS/DNSSEC and IPv6. There will also be a keynote speech from Mr Yu-Chuang Kuek, ICANN's VP of Global Stakeholder Engagement for the Asian Region, entitled "ICANN Update for the Asia-Pacific Region".

At the close of the day,attendees can participate in an open mic and feedback session, to raiseany issues or challenges they face or suggestions for APNIC.

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