apnic.net zone secured with DNSSEC

The apnic.net zone will have DNSSEC applied from 1 July 2013

APNIC is proud to announce the apnic.net zone will have Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) applied from 1 July 2013.

DNSSEC is a set of protocols that add a layer of security to the Domain Name System (DNS) lookup and exchange processes, which have become integral in accessing websites. The extensions can authenticate the origin of data sent from a DNS server, to verify the integrity of data and authenticate non-existent DNS data.

"With this system of authentication, DNSSEC helps to protect the Internet from certain attacks, such as forging DNS data, that can redirect Internet traffic to fraudulent websites", said APNIC's Technical Director, Byron Ellacott.

APNIC has committed to applying DNSSEC on its services, to ensure the Internet remains a trustworthy and useful tool for everyone. In 2011, APNIC completed a three-phase implementation plan to provide DNSSEC capability on our reverse DNS services. The APNIC Training team also conducts DNSSEC workshops and tutorials to provide participants with the skills needed to implement these important security measures on their services.

APNIC Labs recently conducted a set of measurement tests to understand the extent to which today's online end systems are capable of performing DNS response validation. The results of these tests indicated the deployment of Google's DNSSEC-enabled resolvers doubled the visibility of secured DNS for users. DNSSEC is now seen at a level of 8% worldwide with some economies significantly higher.

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