APNIC becomes Affiliate Member of APT

APNIC becomes an Affiliate Member of the Asia Pacific Telecommunity.

APNIC has become an Affiliate Member of the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT).

The APT is an intergovernmental organization in the Asia Pacific region. It is a focal point for the Asia Pacific preparatory processes of ITU meetings and conferences. Decisions made at the APT level become agreed regional positions at the ITU level.

APNIC engages proactively with intergovernmental forums such as the APT, to promote a better understanding and share views on technical IP addressing issues with government stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region. Adam Gosling, Senior Policy Specialist said, "APNIC provides expert advice and information consistent with APNIC's sphere of competency. We hope our participation contributes in a positive way towards APT outcomes, and assists APNIC to better understand the Internet governance landscape both regionally and globally."

APNIC recently participated at the 6th APT Policy and Regulation Forum in August, with Mr Gosling presenting an overview of IP addressing policies, with a particular emphasis on the need to encourage IPv6 adoption for the continued growth and sustainability of the Internet.