Implementation of prop-102

Following the implementation of prop-102, the sparse allocation algorithm used by APNIC is now documented in a numbered document

APNIC today published amendments to two documents related to the implementation of the following policy proposal, which reached consensus during APNIC 33 in New Delhi, India, during February 2012.

The proposal implemented is prop-102: Sparse allocation guidelines for IPv6 resource allocations.

This proposal requires that the details of any sparse allocation algorithm used for the allocation by APNIC of IPv6 resources must be published on the website, and any revisions should be handled in line with the procedures contained within APNIC-112.

The policy change required edits to two documents. The comment period for the draft documents incorporating these policies ended on 19 August 2012. The following updated documents are now officially active:

There are no changes to APNIC delegation practices as a result of this policy implementation.