APNIC participates at APEC TEL45

APNIC IPv6 Program Specialist Miwa Fujii addressed the Infrastructure Development Steering Group (DSG) during APEC TEL45,  giving delegates an update on the status of regional IPv6 deployment.

APNIC recently attended APEC TEL45 where delegates were updated on the current IPv6 deployment status within the APEC region.

APEC TEL45 was held in Da Nang, Viet Nam from 5 to 11 April 2012. Delegates from APEC member economies gathered to address a wide range of topics including cybercrime, increasing broadband penetration, and IPv6 deployment.

APNIC’s Senior IPv6 Program Specialist, Ms Miwa Fujii, highlighted that IPv6 deployment is critical now that APNIC is allocating from its final IPv4 /8 block. According to projections by Geoff Huston (Chief Scientist at APNIC), it won’t be long before the RIPE and ARIN regions reach their final block of IPv4 addresses.

Recent IPv6 deployment statistics illustrate the rapid increase of IPv6 delegations across the APEC region and the steady increase of IPv6 prefix announcements into the global routing table. While seemingly positive, projections by APNIC Labs indicate that actual availability of IPv6 to end users is still very small, with only 0.5% having accessibility to IPv6-enabled resources via their access networks. This highlights that access networks in the region have a lot of work ahead of them in their IPv6 transitions.

Rapid growth of both fixed and mobile communication devices and the APEC goal of universal broadband by 2015 will require that there are enough unique IP addresses available. It is therefore very important that the government sector provide continuous leadership and support to increase IPv6 deployment, as IPv6 is the only viable option to sustain such growth.

For more information, see APNIC’s message to the APEC TEL45 delegates.