APNIC and JPRS collaborate to translate “DNSSEC Technology Experiment Report”

APNIC and Japan Registry Services (JPRS) have collaborated to translate this report originally written in Japanese into English.

This document contains the latest information on DNSSEC implementation and provides information to those interested in implementing it.

This report is an important article developed to share knowledge gained through DNSSEC experiments in 2010, which JPRS carried out in cooperation with ISPs in Japan, equipment vendors, and hosting providers.

APNIC would like to thank JPRS’s great initiative and all those involved in the process for making such an important contribution to DNSSEC awareness. APNIC also appreciates JPRS for making this document available in English for wider distribution.

APNIC is also participating in DNSSEC and is currently implementing Phase 3 of the implementation plan, "Introduction of Member DNSSEC data".