Member and Stakeholder Survey

The APNIC Executive Council (EC) has issued a formal response to the results of the 2011 Member and Stakeholder Survey.

A core responsibility of the Executive Council (EC), under the APNIC Bylaws, is to ensure that APNIC’s strategies meet the dynamic Internet environment. The APNIC Member and Stakeholder Survey is a key tool in that process, which the EC commissions every 2 years, to help us to understand the needs of the APNIC Community, and to set strategic direction accordingly.  The Survey also provides APNIC with valuable information on the performance of the APNIC Secretariat and the objectives it needs to meet over the coming period.

In February 2011, APNIC released the results of latest survey, which was conducted by Professor Ang Peng Hwa of the Singapore Internet Research Centre (SIRC).  

The EC has released its response to the 2011 Member and Stakeholder Survey.