Editorial comments on draft documents

APNIC seeks editorial comments on three draft documents.

APNIC seeks editorial comments on the following draft documents:

APNIC Definitions Document

Draft Document

Changes to this document include the addition of interpretation provisions and editorial changes for clarity.

Membership Agreement

Draft Document

The main change to this document appears in the liability provisions in clause 3.2, to provide for a fairer position for Members. Previously, APNIC's liability to Members was completely excluded. Now, the limitation of APNIC's liability is reduced to represent a fairer sharing of risks between APNIC and its Members.

NIR Membership Agreement

Draft Document

This is a new numbered document that standardizes a number of disparate agreements currently in place with the NIRs.

Nature of the document review

This is an editorial review only. For the purposes of this review, interested parties may:

Visit the draft documents page to view these documents.

Deadline for comments

Please send you comments via email by 21 January 2012.