APNIC supports SANOG 16

APNIC invites all South Asia Members to Paro, Bhutan to attend SANOG 16 from 15-23 July 2010 at a 10% discount.

SANOG 16 will be held in Paro, Bhutan from 15-23 July 2010. APNIC would like to invite all of our South Asia Members to Paro to attend SANOG 16.

APNIC is participating in this year's SANOG as a Gold Sponsor, as part of our regular commitment to serve the South Asian community. A 10% registration discount is offered to all APNIC Members.

APNIC, in partnership with 6DEPLOY, is holding a two-day workshop on IPv6 deployment. As the remaining free pool of IANA IPv4 address space has now reached 16 /8s, APNIC encourages all South Asia Members to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about IPv6 transition.

APNIC will also provide onsite Helpdesk and Hostmaster consultations during SANOG 16 from 20-23 July. This is a great opportunity for current and potential APNIC Members to discuss their concerns with APNIC Secretariat staff in person.

You can request an appointment for a consultation online, or you may make an appointment onsite at the APNIC Helpdesk.

Srinivas (Sunny) Chendi, APNIC South Asia Specialist, will also be onsite at SANOG 16 to present an update of APNIC's current activities.

Sunny will be available to discuss any APNIC activities in South Asia such as:

Please feel free to speak with Sunny during the event about any issues or concerns.