Looking for a change?

Anyone can change Internet resource policy - especially you!

Would you like to make a real contribution to the Internet? Do you know of a better way to manage Internet resources in the Asia Pacific?

Anybody can submit a policy proposal to the APNIC community. You don't have to be an APNIC Member to submit a policy proposal or make comments on policy proposals.

It is a very interesting time for the Internet, with new approaches being proposed to manage IPv4 address exhaustion, encourage IPv6 adoption, or just make things more efficient for everyone.

The community decides how Internet resources are managed. As a member of the community, you can propose changes to APNIC's policies to ensure they suit the community's needs.

Recent examples of policy changes suggested by people like you and then adopted by the community include:

So, if there's something in APNIC's policies that you think really needs to change, why not propose a new policy or a change to an existing policy?

Submit your policy proposal now in time for discussion at APNIC 29.

To submit a policy proposal before the 27 January 2010 deadline, you can:

  1. Use the online form
  2. Or, email your proposal in TEXT format.

Please submit your proposals well before the deadline. This gives the community more time to consider your proposal and gives you the opportunity to amend your proposal, if needed, based on the community's feedback.

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