APNIC participates in Indian IPv6 Summit

APNIC sponsors Indian IPv6 Summit

APNIC is pleased to announce its participation in the India IPv6 Summit 2009 on 15-16 December 2009, at The Park Hotel, New Delhi, India.

The event, staged by the Telecom Engineering Center & Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications & IT, is an important milestone in India's journey towards IPv6 awareness and deployment.

The summit will bring together many stakeholders from government, academia, service providers, system integrators, and application and system vendors, to discuss the state of IPv6 deployment in India and bring together ideas into concrete national strategy.

In recognition of the important role that grassroots organizations play in building IPv6 awareness, APNIC, as Platinum sponsor, is playing an active role in support of the forum.

Paul Wilson, Director General of APNIC, will provide an update on the status of the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 with a presentation titled Transforming the Internet: from IPv4 to IPv6. This presentation looks at the latest statistics on IP addressing and traffic measurements, as well as the efforts of ISPs, Governments, and others to encourage IPv6 adoption.

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