Upgrade to MyAPNIC - MyAPNIC 2 Beta

Announcing a significant upgrade to the MyAPNIC self-service website.

APNIC is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to the MyAPNIC service. As part of our strategic continuous improvement programme, and in response to your feedback, the MyAPNIC service has been updated so you can now gain access with a username and password.

This simple login process and the enhanced contact and user management screens are features designed to simplify the management of resources.

MyAPNIC is a secured member service website that allows your interaction with APNIC in a safe environment. For example, you can view all the resources held by your organization or check your current and past membership payments.

Existing MyAPNIC users will simply need to re-enrol online to get their usernames and passwords immediately activated.

If you do not have access to the current MyAPNIC, you will need to register for a username and password, and you will need a corporate contact to authorize your registration for MyAPNIC 2 Beta.

For more information, visit: http://www.apnic.net/myapnic/myapnic2-beta.html [link kept for archival purposes only]

...or, contact helpdesk@apnic.net