APNIC cooperates with AIT and dotAsia for DUMBO deployment in Myanmar

Training sessions held to prepare teams for duty in cyclone-ravaged Myanmar

Training sessions are being held this week at InterLab, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, to prepare teams of Internet technicians for urgent duty in cyclone-ravaged Myanmar.  The trainees are all Burmese nationals and they will be trained in networking technologies, including DUMBO, the wireless mobile broadband network which has been developed by the AIT for use in situations of natural disaster. These networks can can provide aid workers with the ability to set up emergency communication, coordinate and moniter rescue operations, and exchange information.

The partners in this project include dotAsia, the registry forthe .asia domain name and APNIC, the Asia Pacific NetworkInformation Centre. Both dotAsia and APNIC have donated money towards this project, with APNIC providing key staff to help with the training needs in Bangkok.

For more information, visit the Project Dumbo page at InterLab, AIT.