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Sponsoring APRICOT

APNOG values APRICOT's commitment to the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and alignment with our mission to ensure the future and stability of the APRICOT Summit and most importantly to build human resource infrastructure for the Internet and to foster the efficient, stable, and sustainable development of the Internet in the Asia Pacific region. Our sponsorship decisions are guided by these principles while respecting the diversity of business models represented across the community. To maintain the trust of APRICOT attendees and stakeholders, the Board reserves the right to decline offers of sponsorship of the APRICOT Summit.

Additionally, certain sponsorship tiers are designated for specific types of businesses or organizations, and they may not be offered to others. This allows us to provide tailored sponsorship opportunities that benefit both APRICOT's partners and attendees. This addition clarifies that certain sponsorship tiers have a predefined purpose, ensuring that they are dedicated to specific types of businesses or organizations while still allowing flexibility in other sponsorship opportunities.