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Meeting Booking System

APRICOT has arranged with Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange (BKNIX) to use BKNIX’s Meeting Booking System to allow APRICOT delegates to arrange meetings with each other.

The Meeting booking system allows peering coordinators and other delegates to arrange one-to-one or one-to-many meetings during the conference week, from 27th February to 1st March 2024.

The Meeting Booking System is available as an opt-in option for APRICOT delegates. No delegate will be automatically added to the system. The Secretariat is unable to assist delegates using the Meeting Booking System make introductions with any delegate who opts not to participate.

APRICOT and BKNIX both undertake to not share the personal data stored on the Meeting Booking System with any other party. After the event, BKNIX has committed to deleting the information stored in the Meeting Booking System.

The term “personal data” as used in this privacy policy refers to information stored by the tool, such as the delegate’s photograph (if provided), organisation, position in the organisation, and email address. Email addresses will not be disclosed to any other delegate, even those using the tool to make meetings.

The Meeting Booking System is designed to allow delegates to arrange meetings with each other via its web front end and notifications from the Meeting Booking System to the recipient’s provided email address.

How to Register

To use the Meeting Booking System, please click on this link and create an account here.