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Vincent Atienza "Achie"

Nominee details

Vincent Atienza "Achie"
Peering, Interconnection & Strategy - IP Ecosystem at Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom

Vincent Atienza Achie

Biographical info

  • BS Electronics & Communications Engineering, Don Bosco Technical College
  • Management Development Program, Asian Institute of Management
  • Leadership Development Program, Ateneo De Manila
Relevant Board Experience
  • APNIC EC since 2020
  • Chair, Philippine Network Operators Group (PhNOG) since 2015
  • ex-VP for Technology position at Internet Society Philippines (ISOC-Ph)
  • Board of Trustee, ISOC-Ph since 2013
  • Asia Open RAN Academy (AORA) Chair since 2023
Senior Management Experience:
  • 2017: Peering, Interconnection & Strategy at Globe Telecom
  • Responsible for the end to end evolution/optimization of Globe's IP ecosystem, focused on the core infrastructure that functions as the local & international Internet gateway.

  • 2008: Sr. Product Manager / Peering Manager at Globe Telecom (Dual role)
  • 2006: Product Management head for Internet services at Eastern Telecom (ETPI)

Nominee statement

My sincerest gratitude for the trust and support!

It is great to be part of both the community and one who continuously try to help drive it - a more holistic and granular view that complements the overall growth of the members and stakeholders. Given the opportunity, I am keen to be part of the APNIC EC and continue to be of service to the community.

Working as part of the EC, together with the community, continues to provide new perspectives that affirms the responsibility of striving for a better Internet, not because we have to, but because we can! My experience and exposure in various fields, including business, technical, product, policy, community, networking, etc, will continue to help evolve this multi-stake holder Internet ecosystem.

Nominated by

Eastern Telecommunication Philippines Inc
Reason for nomination

He has the capability and experience in working with APNIC and Industry promoting internet policies.

Globe Telecom, Inc.
Reason for nomination

Vincent "Achie" Atienza stands as a distinguished professional with a formidable track record within the global internet community. As the current head of Globe's Peering, Interconnection, and Strategy Division, he spearheads the advancement and optimization of the company's fundamental infrastructure for IP and Data services, both domestically and internationally.

Having immersed himself in both local and international Internet Communities, Achie possesses a profound understanding of industry challenges and the potential to positively impact the world. His influence extends beyond borders, earning him admiration and respect in the Philippines and the wider region. Achie's qualifications and contributions to the industry are truly exceptional, commanding the respect of his peers through his prowess in IP technology and community building.

Beyond his role at Globe, Achie is a pivotal figure in the Philippine Network Operators Group (PhNOG), where he serves as the Chair. His exceptional leadership has unified diverse network operators, fostering collaboration within the community to enhance services for the Filipino population.

Under Achie's stewardship, PhNOG has evolved into a powerful force within the industry, organizing annual forums and conferences that bring together key players such as Internet Service Providers, Internet Exchange Points, Regional Internet Registries, and other network operator communities. These gatherings serve as platforms for discussions on the state of the Internet and strategies to propel the community forward. Achie's adept relationship management, ability to foster camaraderie, and effective communication skills have been instrumental in achieving common goals for the country's Internet services.

Achie's influence goes beyond national boundaries, playing a pivotal role in positioning the Philippines as a significant player in the international networking community. His commitment to community building is evident in his roles as a consultant, trainer, and speaker in various technical workshops, forums, and conferences. Most recently, Achie spearheaded PhNOG's hosting of APRICOT 2023, the biggest Internet Operations event in Asia, This Event is APRICOT's first physical event after the pandemic and a new benchmark for the next Conference. Achie, as part of the Program Committee, was responsible for the end-to-end program bringing together many of the world's best Internet engineers, operators, researchers, service providers, users and policy makers from other countries to teach, present, and do their own human networking, all aimed at disseminating knowledge crucial for operating the Internet in the Asia Pacific region and the Global Internet community.

Achie's innovative approach to community relationships is evident in the annual and bi-annual PhNOG conferences, which have witnessed increased participation from foreign partners and other Network Operators Groups. His dedication to fostering sustainable engagement is showcased through initiatives such as the Peering Personals segment, demonstrating his commitment to building a better-connected internet, one peering session at a time.

Additionally, Achie has served as an APNIC EC member/secretary since 2020, leveraging his wealth of experience to contribute to the APNIC Community's goals of improving Internet Governance.

Asian Vision Cable Holdings Inc.
Reason for nomination

Supportive, Cooperative, and Responsive in all activities related to APNIC projects, events, and community relationships.

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