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Thomas Dragono

Nominee details

Thomas Dragono
Managing Director
IDMarco Digital Solusi

Thomas Dragono

Biographical info

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of California, San Diego, 2004
  • Master of Law, Universitas Kristen Indonesia, 2023
Relevant Board Experience
  • Nov 2021 - present: Board of Advisor @ Asosiasi Penyedia Jaringan Telekomunikasi Indonesia (APJATEL), Jakarta – Indonesia Telecommunicaiton Network Provider Association
  • May 2022 - present : Vice Chair of Technology Information @ Kamar Entrepreneur Indonesia (KEIND), Jakarta – Chamber of Indonesia Entrepreneur
  • Dec 2020 - Nov 2021: Board of Advisor @ Asosiasi Kabel Laut Seluruh Indonesia (ASKALSI), Jakarta – Indonesia Submarine Cable Association
  • Apr 2018 - Oct 2021 : Chair of Cross-Institutional Partnership Committee @ Asosiasi Penyedia Jaringan Telekomunikasi (APJATEL) Indonesia, Jakarta – Telecommunicaiton Network Provider Association
  • May 2018 - April 2023 : Vice Chair of Education & Training Committee @ FTTH Council Asia Pacific, Singapore
Senior Management Experience:
  • Jan 2024 - present : Director @ DECIX Indonesia
  • Mar 2023 - present : Managing Director @ IDMarco Digital
  • Feb 2022 - Feb 2023 : Commissioner @ Varuna Cable System
  • Jul 2020 - Feb 2023 : Managing Director @ Matrix NAP Info
  • Jun 2022 - Dec 2022 : Board of Advisor @ NusaMeta
  • Dec 2018 - Jan 2022 : Operational Director @ Jaringan Mega Sedayu
  • Oct 2013 - Jun 2020 : CoFounder & Director @ FiberStar
  • Corporate group: PT DECIX Indonesia Pratama, PT IDMarco Digital Solusi

Nominee statement

As part of Salim Group Steering Committe, I am currently overseeing new digital-related initiatives to cater the growing demands, which includes ramping up supporting infrastructure and boosting technology adoption. I am assigned to promote synergies, benefits and business opportunities with both established and value-added partners within the digital ecosystem.

My past experience includes, as Managing Director of Matrix NAP Info, Indonesia’s first private submarine cable owner connecting Jakarta Singapore with wide range of services of Matrix Submarine Cable (MCS), Matrix Cable eXchange (MCX) which provides both International & Domestic eXchange, Matrix Data Center (MDC), Matrix Cloud, Matrix Internet.

I was the Cofounder of FiberStar in 2013, an Infrastructure Provider that introduced the first Net Neutrality concept in Indonesia and revolutionized an affordable Broadband infrastructure across the nation. Prior to starting FiberStar, I spent 10 solid years in CBN and successfully transforming CBN from a leading and pioneer Internet Service Provider into a full flag Digital Ecosystem.

I understood Number Resources Society (NRS) is endorsing my nomination, however I do not have any relationship and affiliation of any kind with NRS.

Having a clear understanding about Indonesia's market since 2006 and various engagements within the international internet community, my presence within APNIC EC is to promote a stronger collaboration within the region. I envision Indonesia not just as a participant, but as a promotor in fostering a robust and inclusive digital future for the Asia-Pacific region.

Leveraging our massive internet potential, I propose a collaborative approach where Indonesia actively engages with international communities and stakeholders. This includes joint infrastructure development to bridge the digital divide, capacity building programs for regional peers, and hosting multi-stakeholder dialogues to address emerging internet governance challenges.

By promoting open communication and shared responsibility, we can unlock the immense potential of the region's digital landscape and ensure everyone benefits from a well-connected internet world.

Nominated by

Reason for nomination

I am writing to nominate Thomas for a position on the Executive Council at APNIC. I believe his extensive background and proven skills in the digital realm make him an ideal candidate for this role.

Thomas’ strengths and qualifications may be elaborated as follows:

Extensive Leadership Experience: As Managing Director of Matrix NAP Info and Co-founder of FiberStar, Thomas has a strong track record of leading and transforming organizations in the digital sector. His experience spans infrastructure development, cloud services, data centers, and internet service provision, giving him a holistic understanding of the digital ecosystem.

Strategic Vision and Innovation: Thomas has a proven ability to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities. He played a key role in introducing the first Net Neutrality concept in Indonesia back in 2014 and spearheading new digital initiatives at Salim Group. This demonstrates his forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation.

Relationship Building and Collaboration: Thomas excels at building strong relationships with partners and stakeholders. His experience promoting synergies and value-added partnerships within the digital ecosystem is invaluable for fostering collaboration within APNIC and the wider internet community.

Regional Understanding: Having worked across Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region, Thomas possesses a deep understanding of the diverse needs and challenges faced by different countries. This regional perspective will be crucial in shaping APNIC's policies and initiatives.

Thomas's expertise and experience would be instrumental in guiding APNIC's mission to ensure a stable and interconnected internet for the Asia-Pacific region. He can contribute to:

  1. His understanding of the regional landscape and emerging trends will be valuable in shaping APNIC's future direction, particularly in developing strategic policies and initiatives.
  2. His relationship-building skills can strengthen ties between APNIC, its members, and other stakeholders, thus fostering collaboration and partnerships.
  3. His experience in boosting technology adoption can guide APNIC's efforts in bridging the digital divide, promoting internet adoption and development.

I believe with his combination of leadership, strategic vision, collaboration skills, and regional understanding make him an exceptional candidate who will significantly contribute to APNIC's continued success.

Electoral Committee Eligibility Statement

The Electoral Committee had determined, based on the information available to it as at 6 February 2024, that the Nominee met the eligibility criteria to be nominated for the APNIC EC.

Unfortunately, the Nominee was unable to attend the meeting at which the election was being held which is a requirement for eligibility under By-law 34A(c). As the Nominee did not receive sufficient votes to be elected, no further action was taken.

The Electoral Committee has the responsibility of overseeing the eligibility and conduct of nominees in the EC election. For more information click here.

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Change log:

  • 27/02/2024 – Clarification in response to the publication endorsement by a selected group, the Number Resource Society.