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Sumon Ahmed Sabir

Nominee details

Sumon Ahmed Sabir
Chief Technology Officer
Fiber@Home Ltd.

Sumon Ahmed Sabir

Biographical info

  • Master of Science in Computer Science, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
Relevant Board Experience
  • Executive Council Member, APNIC (February 2020 - February 2024)
  • Former Chair and Co-Chair, Policy SIG, APNIC
(2016 - 2020)
  • Board of Trustee Bangladesh Internet Exchange Limited (BDIX)
  • Board of Trustee Bangladesh Network operators Group (BDNOG)
  • Board of Trustee ISOC Bangladesh, Dhaka Chapter
  • Core Committee Member, South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG)
  • MAG Member, Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2016-2018
  • IGF IPv6 BPF Coordinator (With Izumi Okutani) 2016
  • IGF AI, IoT and BigData BPF Coordinator (With Concettina Cassa) 2018
Senior Management Experience:
  • Chief Technology Officer, Fiber@Home Limited
  • Technical Advisor, Fiber@Home Global Limited
  • Advisor, Felicity IDC Limited
  • Chief Strategy Officer, Fiber@home Limited From April 2012-October 2016
Managing Director, BDCOM Online Limited October 2006-March 2012
  • Chief Technology Officer, BDCOM Online Limited, October 2000-September 2006

Nominee statement

I have been involved with the Internet industry since 1996 and actively participating with the community in various roles and responsibilities.

In my day job, I am Chief Technology Officer of Fiber@Home Limited, running one of the largest telecommunication transmission network and Internet Gateway in Bangladesh.

Beside this, I’m a regular participant and speaker in many NOG events including SANOG, BDNOG, BTNOG, NPNOG, MyNOG and AusNOG.

I was part of ISP Association of Bangladesh as office bearer for 10 years. And participated in discussion with Government and relevant stakeholders on Internet related Policy Development.

Internet Governance is one of my key focus area. I was a MAG member of UN IGF and regular contributor in many IGF events.

APNIC Covers one of the largest areas in the world, with diverse people, language and culture. Working as their voice in APNIC, requires a high level of techno-policy knowledge and hands-on experience. Also as a part of the community member, I discovered the challenges of the local entrepreneurs, academia and engineers which is different kind in every economy.

I believe through my experience as APNIC EC Member for the last four years I am now in much better position to contribute with my knowledge, experience and expertise to APNIC Community by serving as an EC Member in the coming days.

Nominated by

Internet Exchange Nepal
Reason for nomination

Sumon Ahmed Sabir is one of the most well appreciated and respected personalities in the internet arena in our region and beyond due to his decades of contribution towards development of Internet and related community. He has been serving as the Chief Technical Officer at Fiber@Home in Bangladesh since 2016 and prior to this in 2012 he was appointed in the same organisation as the Chief Strategy Officer to design and Implement country’s first ever metro and Nationwide MPLS network, IP RAN Backhaul for 3G/LTE Networks and Nationwide DWDM Network. He also served as the Managing Director of BDCOM Online Ltd., a pioneer and leading ISP in the country. He holds a very decorative career path with full of Internet activities and development.

After completing Masters in Computer Science from Dhaka University, Sumon started his career as the Internet lead back in 1996 when Internet in Bangladesh was offline. With his permissive and positive engagement many of the ISPs started to flourish in Bangladesh. Since then he popularly is recognised as the Internet Enthusiast and Guru in the country; he is still serving as the last man to consult for technical difficulties and new technology inception in the community.

In Bangladesh he is the Founding member and Trustee Chair of bdNOG, Founding Chair of BDCERT, Founding member and Technical Advisor of BDIX, Rejuvenating Bangladeshi HAM Community as President, Bangladesh Amateur Radio League (BARL) Call Sign: S21SD. Positioned as Elected Executive Committee Member of Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) from 2002 to 2013 at different portfolios. As a part of it and also in individual capacity, involved in many Govt. ICT Policy Development Processes. Inception of SMW-4 Submarine Cable changed Internet landscape in Bangladesh in 2006 and he played the most significant role in integration & provisioning Internet Transits for all the ISPs in the country. Provided leadership and strategic vision for IP Telephony, IPv6 and RPKI deployment in Bangladesh since 2009.

His sheer enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge base on Internet technology with leadership capacity was recognised by Internet Community many times during his 25 years long career. Sumon served as the Co-Chair (2005-2009) and Core Committee Member (2005-till date) at SANOG. He was the Co-Chair of the Policy SIG of APNIC from 2015 to 2017 and since 2017 serving as the Chair of the SIG to till date. He was elected as a MAG Member from Technical Community and served from 2016 to 2018. He is also found to be a regular speaker, presenter, moderator or Instructor at APRICOT, APNIC, SANOG, bdNOG, btNOG, NPNOG, AusNOG and many other network forums in the world.

He served as an APNIC EC for the last four years including the extreme COVID Situation. In this pandemic situation his service towards to the community was galvanic. His engagement toward internet community was always thoughtful for future benefits of the society. We believe he will continue his good work for next term.

Electoral Committee Eligibility Statement

The Electoral Committee has determined, based on the information available to it as at 31 January 2024, that the Nominee meets the eligibility criteria to be nominated for the APNIC EC.

This statement may be subject to change. If you believe that any nominee is not eligible based on the requirements under the APNIC By-laws, please contact

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