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Rob Thomas

Nominee details

Rob Thomas
Network Architect
QLD VoIP Services

Rob Thomas

Biographical info

  • Computer Science, University of Technology, Sydney
  • ISP consultant and engineer since 1996
  • Senior InfoSec officer at Cisco
  • Developer and Technical Documentation writer of VyOS (Open Source router)
  • IPv6 Consultant and Advocate
  • Author of multiple SIP/VoIP projects, such as FreePBX, and the SHAKEN/STIR Open Source libraries
  • NetDevOps consultant and instructor
  • RPKI Consultant
  • X509 Certification expert
Relevant Board Experience

I have served on many boards, starting with the Australian Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman in the late 90s, to ISPs and VSPs in the present day.

Senior Management Experience:

I've been deeply involved in many facets of the Internet in Australia for more than 30 years. Being well known as a representative and consultant over that time has given me experience in and exposure to all the requirements and issues that the Internet Industry in Asia-Pacific are exposed and vulnerable to.

Corporate group:

  • QLD VoIP Services
  • Why Pay More 4 Less Pty Ltd
  • Southern Ocean Systems Pty Ltd
  • Clearly IP Australia Pty Ltd
  • Clearly IP LLC (Delaware, USA)

Nominee statement

I am a well known expert in the Internet, and have been deeply involved with it, since the very foundation of it by Geoff Huston in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

I am highly driven to make sure that internet access should be treated as a right, not a privilege, and have spent a lot of time writing and releasing Free Open Source Software to make it much cheaper and easier for emerging and developing areas

This has lead me to be a significant proponent of IPv6 adoption. I have run many courses on this, as well as providing consultation, documentation and examples, of how a modern IPv6 only network would function.

It's not that scary!

As a director of other Australian Companies, I already have a fully validated and compliant Australian Director ID.

Nominated by

ResetData Pty Ltd
Reason for nomination

Rob's extensive experience in the industry dating back to the early 1990's, coupled with his active involvement in various community projects, underscores his deep understanding of both the technical intricacies and the ethical considerations that underpin the functioning of the internet. His notable contributions to open-source initiatives, particularly as the author of FreePBX, a widely utilised VoIP PABX system, attest to his technical prowess and commitment to fostering accessibility and innovation within the digital landscape.

Throughout his career, Rob has remained steadfast in his advocacy for a free and open internet, consistently championing principles of transparency and inclusivity. His past actions serve as a testament to his unwavering dedication to facilitating an online environment that prioritises fairness and equity for all users.

Given his impressive credentials and demonstrated commitment to ethical conduct, we have full confidence in Rob's ability to serve as a trusted candidate for the Executive Council. His multifaceted expertise, coupled with his steadfast moral compass, positions him as an invaluable asset in ensuring that decisions made within such capacities are grounded in integrity and serve the greater good of the community.

Electoral Committee Eligibility Statement

The Electoral Committee has determined, based on the information available to it as at 15 February 2024, that the Nominee meets the eligibility criteria to be nominated for the APNIC EC.

This statement may be subject to change. If you believe that any nominee is not eligible based on the requirements under the APNIC By-laws, please contact

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