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APNIC EC ELECTION - Code of Conduct

About the Code of Conduct

As the elected representatives of APNIC Members, EC Members have certain duties, including to act honestly and in the best interests of APNIC.

Appropriate conduct from nominees for the APNIC EC is often a strong indicator of how they will conduct themselves if elected.The Electoral Committee is responsible for establishing and enforcing a Code of Conduct for all nominees in APNIC EC elections.

The Electoral Committee members appointed by the APNIC Executive Council for the 2024 APNIC EC Election are:

  • Donna Austin
  • Amrita Choudhury
  • Akinori Maemura
  • Keiko Okawa
  • Aftab Siddiqui

Code of Conduct

To view the Code of Conduct for the 2024 APNIC Executive Council elections, please click here.

How to report non-compliance

If you experience or witness any behaviour that you suspect is not compliant with the Code of Conduct, please report the behaviour to Reports will be reviewed by the Electoral Committee who will then investigate and take action if necessary.

Transparency Statement

The Electoral Committee has prepared a transparency statement which provides a summary of the actions taken by the Electoral Committee, including information regarding the number of reports received with respect to Nominee eligibility or conduct. You can view the transparency statement here