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Entry to Singapore

All travel to Singapore is governed by Singapore’s Vaccinated Travel Framework, which applies to all travellers entering Singapore, including Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Specific entry requirements are in place according to whether you are fully vaccinated or not.

For fully vaccinated visitors

Please take note of the checklist for fully vaccinated travellers and all children below 12*, in particular:

  1. Prepare proof of vaccination.
  2. Obtain addition entry documents (if required). For example, entry visa.
  3. Fill in the SG Arrival Card up to three days before arrival.
  4. Immigration clearance in Singapore.
  5. Local health protocols.

Note, a vaccination against Yellow Fever is also required if you have travelled to high-risk economies/regions in Africa and Latin America. A valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required.

There is also a list of accepted COVID-19 vaccinations for entry to Singapore.

The following quick guide is a useful summary of the requirements for quarantine-free travel to Singapore.

Quick Guide for Quarantine-Free Travel to Singapore

Not fully vaccinated visitors

Non-vaccinated travellers must take note of the checklist for non-fully vaccinated travellers aged 13 and above*, in particular:

  1. Pre-departure requirements.
  2. Requirements on arrival.
  3. Stay-home notice and COVID-19 testing requirements.
  4. Complying with local health protocols.

* We recommend keeping these checklists bookmarked in case the information is updated.

COVID-19 measures

If you feel unwell and display COVID-19 symptoms or test positive, please take note of the protocols issued by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MoH).

Note that travel restrictions and safe distancing rules may change at short notice. The MoH website contains the latest information and updates on Singapore’s COVID-19 situation.

More information

For more detailed information, please visit the ICA Safe Travel website.