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Ching-Heng Ku

Nominee details

Ching-Heng Ku

Ching-Heng Ku

Biographical info

  • Ph. D., Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, ROC.
  • Assistant Professor of Department of Information Management, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.
  • Associate research scientist of Department of System and Networking, National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), Taiwan.
  • Director of IP Department, TWNIC.
  • Supervisors of ISOC-TW, Taiwan.
Experience and involvement in APNIC activities

Ching-Heng Ku actively participate in the APNIC meetings since the APNIC 18th in 2004 till now. He works as the NIR Hostmaster to cooperate with APNIC, organize the TWNIC Open Policy Meeting and assist to hold the APNIC training workshop in Taiwan for more than 15 years. He had ever served as the chair of the NIR Hostmaster workshop, and the Co-Chair of the DB SIG and NIR SIG in APNIC meetings. He attends the APNIC Policy Development Process (PDP) and was the author of the implemented policy proposal. He currently serves as the Co-Chair of Policy SIG in APNIC meeting.

Nominee statement

I am so honored to attend this election for the Policy SIG Co-chair. I have actively participated in the APNIC meetings for many years. Also, I currently serve the Co-Chair of the Policy SIG in APNIC meeting, have been taking in charge of the IP Policy research and Number Resources Services at TWNIC, and have taken in charge of the project of IPv6 and RPKI deployment and promotion in Taiwan. All the experiences mentioned above polished my abilities and capabilities not only in professional fields but also to cultivate the leadership. I am willing to accept the responsibility of Policy SIG Co-chair and put my best effort to commit myself to serve the community. Hope to have your support to serve as the Policy SIG Co-chair.

Nominated by

Reason for nomination

Ching-Heng Ku is currently the Policy SIG Co-Chair of APNIC and the Director of IP Department of TWNIC. He has worked and researched in networking, IP Policies and Number Resources Services at TWNIC for several years.

He also had ever taken in charge of the Secretariat of Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force, and hold the Asia Pacific IPv6 summit, Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force meeting, and Global IPv6 Summit in Taiwan, as well as supports organising IPv6 Readiness Measurement BoF and IPv6 Deployment session in APNIC Conferences.

He has balanced views on various issues discussed in the APNIC community. I believe his quality and experiences will contribute to Policy SIG in having him serve as the Co-Chair.

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