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APNIC 54 will be held together with APrIGF 2022 and APSIG 2022. More information about each organization is below.


APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, pronounced A-P-NIC) is an open, member-based, not-for-profit organization, whose primary role is to distribute and manage Internet number resources (IP addresses and AS numbers) in the Asia Pacific region’s 56 economies. These number resources are the building blocks for the Internet to operate and grow. As part of this service, APNIC is responsible for maintaining the public APNIC Whois Database and managing reverse DNS zone delegations.

APNIC provides forums for Internet policy development, that are bottom-up and open to everyone. APNIC also helps build essential technical skills across the region, supports Internet infrastructure development, produces insightful products and research, and is an active participant in the multistakeholder model of Internet cooperation and governance.

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The Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG) is a regional School of Internet Governance (SIG) working towards raising awareness and capacity building within the Asia Pacific region. Its objectives include:

  • Organizing the APSIG conference annually or more frequently if required, within the Asia Pacific region, by bringing together eminent speakers and experts on all topics of relevance to Internet governance, in particular, emerging technology topics.
  • Promoting and supporting SIGs in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Providing training services to organizers and speakers at national and local SIGs.
  • Discussing and addressing issues common to national SIGs including pedagogy, post-program follow-up, faculty and speakers, session formats, quality control, funding and certification.
  • Raising funds as grants, sponsorships or other forms in order to maintain the activities of APSIG at a high level of quality.
  • Ensuring overall accountability processes within APSIG including but not limited to financial prudence in managing operations.



The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) serves as a platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration at a regional level, and also where possible to aggregate national IGF discussions, to ultimately advance Internet governance development in the Asia Pacific region. A key aim of APrIGF is to raise awareness and encourage participation from relevant stakeholders around the region on Internet governance issues, as well as foster multi-lateral, multistakeholder discussion about issues pertinent to the Internet in Asia.

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