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These terms are applicable to all Fellowship applicants.

In order to gain the most out of the APNIC Online Fellowship experience and to actively achieve the goals of this initiative, APNIC expects the fellows to comply with the following duties.

  • Fellows must attend at least 80% of the online fellowship program sessions, including APNIC Academy, and all selected sessions at the APNIC 52 conference.
  • Fellows must be present at the APNIC 52 conference from start to finish every day.
  • Fellows must attend scheduled sessions with the mentors.
  • Fellows must attend daily briefings during the APNIC 52 conference.
  • Subscribe to the Policy SIG (Special Interest Group) and apnic-talk mailing lists.
  • Actively participate in Policy SIG discussions and in the bottom-up consensus process.
  • Join a local Network Operators Group (NOG), if one is present.
  • Register and keep up to date with the program on the APNIC 52 Conference website.
  • Join and participate in APNIC social media discussion where appropriate – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Fellows are required to submit a summary report to APNIC within two weeks of the end of the conference. More details on the length and focus of the report will be provided at the conference.
  • Fellows are also required to complete conference and fellowship surveys to help us improve this initiative.

After the Fellowship ends, Fellows are encouraged to:

  • Write a blog post to share your experience with the community.
  • Participate in the Policy SIG mailing list to continue to engage with the discussions.
  • Subscribe to the APNIC Training mailing list to keep up to date with local and online training activities.
  • Share your experience and knowledge with your colleagues and management.
  • Participate in the local NOG, Internet governance and/or other related ICT events.


If a fellow is unable to attend the online fellowship program and the APNIC 52 conference due to unforeseen circumstances, upon a fellow's written request, APNIC may in its discretion recommend the Fellowship Committee to consider the fellow for the next APNIC fellowship program.

Failure to Comply with Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that if a fellow fails to comply with any one of the above-mentioned terms and conditions of the APNIC online fellowship program, APNIC reserves the right to determine the appropriate course of action. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Terminating the fellowship;
    • Cancellation of scholarship funds;
    • Withholding certificate of achievement.

Privacy Policy

  • APNIC has a privacy policy that contains information about:
    • How you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by APNIC, and how APNIC will deal with such a complaint;
    • How you may access and seek the correction of the personal information held by APNIC about you.
  • APNIC is collecting personal information from you in order to process your application for an APNIC fellowship. Without this information, APNIC may not be able to process your application.
  • APNIC will publish your name, economy, and organization name on the public website and may also publish this information on APNIC’s social media accounts.
  • Please note, while it is unlikely your personal information will be disclosed to any overseas recipient, some of your personal information may be stored by APNIC using computer servers located outside Australia.