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Kaime Kipi

Nominee details

Kaime Kipi
Senior Sales Manager
PNG DataCo Limited

Kaime Kipi

Biographical info

  1. Associate Degree telecommunications and electronics engineering from City and Guilds of London Institute
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization
  3. Masters of Business Administration - Torrens University Australia
  4. I have attend several courses with APNIC
Experience and involvement in APNIC activities
  1. 20 years working in ICT industry (12/21 years as network engineer and 8/21 years as Presales/Business Manager)
  2. 2016-Present, I am working as the Senior Sales Manager for PNG DataCo Limited, Wholesale Internet Service Provider in PNG
  3. I am the corporate contact for DataCo to APNIC to manage all our billings and IP address and resource assignments

Nominee statement

Kaime Kipi is a very experienced ICT Professional. He has clocked 20 years of working with Telcos and ISPs in Papua New Guinea. He is presently the Senior Sales Manager for PNG DataCo Limited, the wholesale provider of internet and digital services in PNG. Also engages with other carriers and providers in the Pacific and Asia in terms of the international IP Transit and Ethernet leased services. He possess practical hands on experience working as a network engineer and transitioned to managing customer and business in the last 7 years. Very proficient and competent to contribute meaningfully to IANA RC as a member.

Nominated by

PNG DataCo Limited

Reason for nomination

Pacific countries needs to have an exposure and representation at the IANA. The cultural and societal challenges are peculiar to most countries. For the Pacific, technology has really revolutionized the way people are accessing financial services, educational services and social services etc. A greater awareness to create inclusivity of ideas and innovation is required in the Pacific. A representation in the IANA council will assist in expressing the confidence to move forward as a region.

More specifically for Papua New Guinea, in terms of economic activities it has a bigger market and population compared to other Pacific economies. The ICT industry in PNG has seen growth in internet penetration to urban and rural areas in bridging the digital divide. Main telco and mobile carriers have innovated new products and price for wholesale internet services has come down drastically over the last 5 years. This has enabled for players to enter the scene as retailers of internet and mobile services. The challenges now is to make internet more secured and user friendly. Part of this tasks is to ensure sustainability and use of IP Number assignments. Migration to IPv6 is the way to go. Hence, my reason for nominating myself to join IANA RC to have an input to address the challenges of the developing economics in embracing trends and changes in technology in so far as the Internet Assigned Numbers keeping the world connected together.

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