Policy SIG Co-Chair Nominee: Sumon Ahmed Sabir

Nominee Statement:

Sumon Ahmed Sabir has been working in the Bangladesh Internet Industry for
last 19 years. He is presently working for Fiber@home Limited, which is building
Telecom and Internet network infrastructure through out Bangladesh. He also
worked for BDCOM Online Limited, one of the leading ISP as Managing Director
and CTO for 10 years. Sumon contributed in developing BDIX, major Internet
Exchange in Bangladesh. He was an office bearer for Internet Service providers
Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) for 10 years and contributed in National ICT
Policy Development processes.

Sumon is chairing the recently formed BDNOG. He is the founder chair for
Bangladesh Computer Emergency Response Team (BDCERT). He has served as
Co-Chair for SANOG and was part of APRICOT Program and Fellowship
committee. He is a regular volunteer/speaker for SANOG and also presented at
APRICOT and APNIC meetings.

Sumon is attending APNIC meetings since 2005 and has keen interest in
Internet and Internet policy development.