in conjunction with APRICOT 2013


When: Tuesday, 26 February 2013
Time: 17:30 - 19:00 (UTC +8)
Where: Gardenia Room
Moderator: George Michaelson, APNIC

During the lifetime of WHOIS there have been several attempts to change it and make it "better". But for all that effort, none have taken hold and seen widespread adoption. WEIRDS (Web Extensible Internet Registration Data Service) just may prove to be the successor to WHOIS.

The WEIRDS protocols describe how to ask for, and respond with, registration data. In this BoF, APNIC will provide an overview of its WEIRDS roadmap and an update on its joint implementation efforts with RIPE NCC. The points to be discussed in this BoF will include but are not limited to these topics in the agenda:

APNIC's roadmap for WEIRDS service

Robert Loomans, APNIC

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CNNIC's development of an Open Source WEIRDS server

Sean Shen, CNNIC

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The state of the working group at IETF

Andy Newton, ARIN

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