in conjunction with APRICOT 2013

IPv6 in Mobile Networks - A Look Beyond the Horizon

When: Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Time: 9:00 - 10:30 (UTC +8)
Where: Jurong
Moderator: Dean Pemberton

At APNIC 34 in August 2012, speakers Haijun Li (China Mobile), Samir Vaidya (Verizon Wireless), and Alastair Johnson (Alcatel Lucent) shared cutting edge stories on IPv6 in LTE networks that enable inclusive IP based services from voice, video, messaging and data. Deploying IPv6 in cellular networks is still at an early stage but we are already witnessing early adopters’ efforts to provide their networks and services to the rapidly growing number of smartphones, tablets etc. which are always on the Internet and consume IP based services.

Deployment of Large Scale NAT (LSN) without having a plan for IPv6 deployment is merely extending the lifetime of the IPv4 addresses, and not solving the core issue: IPv4 address depletion. At APNIC 35 we will continue to learn and examine issues such as:

  • Real IPv6 deployment experiences from operators who have deployed IPv6 on their cellular networks. Why did they implement IPv6? How did they do it? What do network operators of mobile networks need to be aware of while deploying IPv6? Lessons learned. Etc.
  • Most up to date IPv6 standards defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). What are current mobile operators' positions towards IPv6? What kind of IPv6 transition scenarios are discussed? What are common approaches? Etc.
  • Trend of IPv6 deployment in the mobile device vender industry. Are cellular antennas of User Equipment ready with IPv6? What is the future plan of this industry? Etc.

There are some terms used in this session to describe IPv6 deployment in mobile network specific scenarios. In order to enhance your learning experience, please refer to the list of terms for your reference.

Video / Transcripts

Videos and transcripts for this session will be added here soon.

IPv6 in Mobile Networks: Lessons Learned and Strategies Forward

Cameron Byrne, T-Mobile

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Impacts on 3GPP architecture when enabling IPv6 service

Jouni Korhonen, Renesas Mobile

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Samsung's IPv6 toward Smart World

Soohong Daniel Park, Samsung Electronics

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