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Resolution from APNIC 24

7 September 2007

The APNIC community resolves as follows:

We recognise that at current rates of allocation, the remaining free pool of IPv4 address space will be consumed within the next 2 to 4 years.

We agree that this situation requires a concerted effort by this community, working for the common good, to seek, examine and adopt responsible measures for the management of remaining IPv4 address space. We recognise that during this period, we will be learning and adapting, and that address management policies may also change to adapt to new circumstances.

We recognise the critical importance of IPv6 to the future success of the Internet, and will actively promote the adoption of IPv6, and focus our efforts towards comprehensive deployment of IPv6 in the Asia Pacific region.

We reassert our support for open, bottom-up and consensus-based decision making, but we also call upon the leading senior and expert members of this community to provide strong leadership in the search for solutions to these issues of IPv4 address management and transition to IPv6, both within the Asia Pacific region and globally.

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