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Policy SIG Co-chair nominee

Name: Jian Zhang, CNNIC


I'm very interested in the position of Policy SIG Co-chair. I believe my background on telecom industry and CNNIC will be helpful to this position. I graduated from Northeastern University, USA with M.S. on Information System in 1998. After the graduation I worked in several famous telecommunication companies - GTE Internetworking, Nextel Communications and Cisco Systems. Throughout my career I have been working on many IP based applications. With hands-on experience I gained in-depth understanding on the Internet. I have always been fascinated by the new technologies on the Internet that profoundly changed people's life.

After I joined CNNIC, I have been working on both domestic and international policy area. I did some work on policy analysis, coordinating on domestic issues, helping our team to setup the development strategy.

I'm very glad that I may have the chance now to volunteer as the Co-Chair of APNIC Policy SIG, so I will have the opportunity to serve the whole APNIC community, to use my knowledge to help millions of Internet users.

Thank you for your support.