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Policy SIG Co-chair nominee

Name: Randy Bush, IIJ


Randy has spent literally 42 years in computing. Though he started out in languages and compilers, he has spent the last few decades in Internet operations, architecture, and research. He is currently a principal scientist at Internet Initiative Japan, and also consults to various network players. He has been involved in technology transfer to the developing economies for twenty years, was on the founding Board of ARIN, is on the Steering Committee of NANOG, spent six years as the Operations Director of the IETF, and has served on various ACM, IEEE, and ISO committees. He is currently Chair of the APNIC Fees WG and Co-chair of the Routing SIG. He has been a long term attendee of the RIR meetings of all of the other regions, and is familiar with their processes and policies. He was the co-developer, with Anne Lord, of APNIC's policy development process.