APNIC plenary: The future of IPv4

Thursday 6 September, 9:00 - 11:00
Akinori Maemura

About the APNIC plenary

It is estimated the remaining unallocated IANA IPv4 pool will be consumed within the next five years. What will happen when that time arrives? Will IPv4 continue to be the protocol of choice via NATs or recycled addresses? Are concerns about an expensive and time consuming transition to IPv6 valid? This plenary will examine these issues and more.

Why you should participate

If you manage an IPv4-based network and plan to expand it over the next few years, you will be affected by the consumption of the unallocated IPv4 address pool. Come to this plenary to discuss the future of IPv4 and IPv6 with the panel experts.

If you cannot attend the plenary in person, you can participate online.


Geoff Huston:
IPv4 Unallocated Address Space Exhaustion
Geoff Huston is APNIC's Chief Scientist. He is an active member of the IETF, and was a member of the Internet Architecture Board from 1999 until 2005. He has been closely involved with the development of the Internet for many years, particularly within Australia, where he was responsible for the initial build of the Internet within the Australian academic and research sector.
Randy Bush:
IPv6 transition & operational reality and IPv6 transition: some to dos
Randy Bush is currently a principal scientist at Internet Initiative Japan and is also a networking consultant. He has spent 42 years in computing, starting out in languages and compilers, then spending the last few decades in Internet operations, architecture, and research. He has been involved in technology transfer to developing economies for twenty years, was on the founding Board of ARIN, is on the Steering Committee of NANOG, spent six years as the Operations Director of the IETF, and has served on various ACM, IEEE, and ISO committees.
Maemura Akinori
Maemura Akinori is JPNIC's General Manager, IP Department. He began his career in the Internet business in 1994 by designing a nation-wide IP network operated by NEC Corporation. He has also worked for France Telecom Research & Development Tokyo as a Research Engineer. He was made a Fellow of the Center for Global Communications at the International University of Japan (GLOCOM) in November 2005.
Kusumba Sridhar:
IPv6 - A positive approach
Kusumba Sridhar is President and Managing Director of Vebtel Obconic Internet Protocol and has 16 years of experience in networking and IT. He has designed and built various large networks and ISPs in India and abroad over the last eight years. Before starting his own enterprise in 2001, he worked with several multinational companies, creating and managing large networks that span across the globe. He is currently an officer bearer of the ISP Association of India (ISPAI).