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Dynamics of the policy development process

Monday 21 February 2005, 9:00-12:30


Policies to manage Internet resources in the Asia Pacific region are developed through a bottom-up process of discussion, consultation and consensus based decision making. Anyone can participate in the policy development process. This is easy to do! You attend an Open Policy meeting in person, you can attend remotely by listening to the live broadcasts or real time transcripts, and you can participate in mailing list discussions.

The tutorial will illustrate the dynamics of the policy development process and provide you with an understanding on how you can participate in this process. Topics covered in this tutorial are:

  • Introduction to APNIC
  • APNIC community
  • Dynamics of participatory decision making process
  • APNIC policy development process
  • How to make your voice heard?
  • Trace a policy
  • Recent policy updates


Miwa Fujii, Champika Wijayatunga, APNIC

Target audience

Anyone interested in learning how to participate more effectively in the process of developing policies for Internet resources in the Asia Pacific region.


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