Spam tutorials

Monday 21 February, 14:00-17:30






Introduction to spam prevention

Champika Wijayatunga, John H'ng APNIC

Anti spam activities in Japan

Kazu Yamamoto IIJ

Intended audience

Presentations are targeted to email administrators, ISPs, end-users, and anyone who has an interest in combating spam.

Introduction to spam prevention


Unsolicited commercial email, also known as 'spam', has become the most frequent complaint among users of the Internet. Spammers seem determined to fill our email boxes with unsolicited advertising, steal our identities, and expose our systems to harmful computer codes.

The tutorial will discuss the concept of spam and will give the audience an update on tips and measures to defend against spam. It will also cover how to keep junk mail out of mail inbox with filters and other utilities in the prevention of spam. The setting up of email policies to combat spam will also be discussed.

Concepts and best current practices are discussed in the context of end users, ISPs, and organisations.


Anti spam activities in Japan


The presentation will cover:

  • Policy and technical strategies of ISPs/ASPs
  • Anti spam activities and legal considerations
  • An introduction to current technology in Japan, such as outbound port 25 blocking


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