APNIC 19 reception


Wednesday 23 February 2005


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Main banquet room, Matsui Inn, Kyoto

The Maiko

APNIC members and friends are invited to attend the APNIC 19 reception at Matsui Inn to enjoy Japanese-style finger food and drinks at a traditional Japanese deco banquet venue. Maiko (apprentice geisha) will perform Japanese traditional dance, providing a cultural highlight for the event. The Maiko will stay at the venue throughout the reception; it's a great opportunity to meet a Maiko and have your photo taken with one of these talented ladies. Maiko wear beautiful kimono and are trained in traditional classical dance arts.

The even is free; however you must collect a ticket at the APNIC Helpdesk and show it on Wednesday night before you are allowed to board the bus to the venue.

Buses to Matsui Inn will be arranged outside the Kyoto International Convention Hall at 7:00pm.



Transportation pick up at KICH


Maiko traditional Japanese dance to welcome guests


Opening speech


Networking, talk to and take photos with Maiko


Reception concludes

Attendees will make their own way back to their hotels after the reception ends. More information on how to use the subway to return to hotels will be provided shortly.

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