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17th APNIC Open Policy Meeting report


  1. Executive Council election
  2. Policy decisions
  3. Annual report
  4. Apster - Issue 9
  5. Next APNIC meeting - APNIC 18

APNIC 17, held in Kuala Lumpur from 23 to 27 February 2004 in conjunction with APRICOT 2004, was an outstanding success. A total of 931 delegates attended APRICOT 2004, and many APNIC members were able to take advantage of the wide choice of sessions available. Meanwhile attendance numbers for the APNIC Open Policy Meeting were some of the highest ever.

The APNIC Annual Member Meeting on 27 February 2004 was also well attended, with 123 (including APNIC staff) delegates representing 27 economies and 54 APNIC member organisations. Delegates from the other RIRs (ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE NCC) and AfriNIC were also present.

Executive Council election

An official announcement was made at the APNIC 17 in Kuala Lumpur on Friday 27 February 2004 regarding the three vacancies on the APNIC Executive Council (EC). As there were three candidates for the three positions, all of the candidates were elected to positions on the EC.

The successful candidates were:

    [alphabetical order]

  • Maemura Akinori (re-elected)
  • Che-Hoo Cheng (re-elected)
  • Vinh Ngo

Details of the nominations received for the EC positions are available at:


Policy decisions

Presentations, proposals and stenography transcripts from the meeting are available at:

If you were unable to attend the meeting, minutes and webcast audio will be available shortly on the APNIC website, which will allow you to follow all sessions closely.

Unable to attend the meeting and would like to provide feedback?

  • It's not too late. All consensus policy decisions have been circulated to the relevant mailing list for 8 weeks and comments are being solicited. You can track the status of the policy proposals at:
    APNIC policy proposals

A summary of the main Open Policy Meeting decisions is provided below.

All the consensus proposals below were approved at the APNIC Member Meeting.

Policy SIG

  • Multiple discreet networks (prop-013-v001)
    • Proposal would allow multiple APNIC accounts which have discreet networks to be merged into a single account.
    • Consensus was not reached. The proposer will submit a modified version of the proposal to the mailing list. The rewritten proposal will define multiple discreet networks and consider the HD ratio for sub-allocating address blocks.

  • IPv4 minimum allocation size (prop-014-v001)
    • Consensus to lower the minimum allocation to /21 with lower eligibility criteria:
    • immediate need of /23 and
    • a detailed plan for /22 in a year

  • IPv6 allocation to closed network (prop-015-v001)
    • There was consensus on the proposal to allow IPv6 allocations to closed networks, if the other eligibility criteria are met.

  • IPv6 allocations to v4 networks (prop-016-v001)
    • There was consensus on the proposal to allow IPv4 infrastructure to be explicitly considered during IPv6 request process.
    • The proposal was amended slightly to add a requirement for LIRs to have plan to move some of their customers from IPv4 to within two years.

  • Recovery of address space (prop-017-v001)
    • There was consensus on the proposal to recover unused historical IPv4 addresses in the AP region.

  • IPv6 Guidelines document
    • The IPv6 guidelines working group has written an informational document to assist with understanding the IPv6 request process. The APNIC Secretariat will edit the document and publish it on the sig-policy mailing list for comments.

  • Subsequent allocation in DSL/cable guidelines
    • This informational presentation highlighted problems with the current IPv4 guidelines for DSL and cable operators. The APNIC Secretariat will call for volunteers to form a working group to review the current DSL/cable guidelines.

Database SIG

  • Protecting historical resource records in the APNIC Whois Database (prop-018-v001)
    • There was consensus on the proposal to protect historical resource objects (inetnum and aut-num) in the APNIC Whois Database, in order to prevent unverified transfer of resources. Existing custodians that wish to maintain records should sign a formal agreement with APNIC and pay service fees (capped at US$100).

  • Establishing policy for mirroring IRRs (prop-003-v002)
    • Consensus was not reached although the discussion was lively. The proposer will continue the discussion on the mailing list.

To see the full list of current proposals please see:


Annual report

APNIC's Annual Report, presented at the Annual Member Meeting, details the activities of APNIC and the Secretariat during 2003. The Annual Report will be mailed to APNIC members and friends shortly. It can also be accessed online at:


Apster - Issue 9

Apster is a print and online newsletter for the APNIC community.

The ninth issue of Apster was released at APNIC 17. This issue features articles on the Internet in Malaysia, security response coordination in the Asia Pacific by APCERT and a piece on "The Genius of the Internet", reproduced with kind permission from ISOC.

You can sign up to automatically receive the latest issue, or view past and present issues of Apster in PDF format at:

Apster will be mailed to members shortly.


Next APNIC meeting - APNIC 18

APNIC 18 will be held from 31 August to 3 September 2004 at Sheraton Resorts, Nadi, Fiji. The meeting will be hosted by Telecom Fiji and Connect Fiji.

APNIC will arrange block booking with Sheraton Resorts and other alternative accommodation offering special rates for meeting attendees.

Interested organisations are invited to sponsor APNIC 18.

Please send any meeting related inquiries to the APNIC Secretariat at meetings@apnic.net.


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