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Executive Council election


Vinh Ngo




Vinh Ngo


CSC Australia

Position in this organisation

Firewall Security Manager



Nominated by

Member organisation


APNIC account name


Contact name

Vinh Ngo

Phone number

+612 90343193

Fax number

+612 9034 2899



Reason for nomination

Mr Vinh Ngo has been working in the IT industry for more than 10 years. He has hold various position from IT Manager to General Manager for many Australia ISP company.

Mr Ngo completed his Bachelor of IT in 1992 at Curtin University Australia. He is currently a member of the Australia Management Institution of Australia.

Mr Vinh Ngo was nominated to the EC for APNIC during the meeting in Singapore 2000. He failed to get elected and ever since Mr Vinh Ngo has been working for CSC Australia. CSC Australia is an outsourcing company and CSC is the third biggest outsourcing company globally.

Mr Vinh Ngo always have a keen intertested in the IT industry his interested ranging from global IT strategies to technical development of the IT protocols and it's evolution.

If you have any questions please email secretariat@apnic.net.

EC election

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