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Executive Council election


Maemura Akinori




Maemura Akinori


Japan Network Information Center, France Telecom Long Distance

Position in this organisation

Director of JPNIC IP Department



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Japan Network Information Center

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Jun Murai

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Reason for nomination

MAEMURA Akinori has a truly balanced understanding of various issues of Internet address policy and of NIR (National Internet Registry) operation in Asia Pacific Region. His contribution, not only as one of the APNIC Executive Council (EC) members in the past three and a half years but also as a chair of NIR SIG had been so valuable to the community.

He has always fulfilled his role with enthusiasm and I believe that he will continue to make positive commitments to EC activities as well as in the address management area.

In the area of IP address governance, Akinori has always energetically participated in the discussions, including his own proposal on the IP address management, at the APNIC Open Policy Meeting.

He also makes an effort to have an active involvement with the issue of IP address governance in Japan as a Director of JPNIC IP Department through sharing information with relevant parties in Japan, at every possible opportunities as JPNIC Open Policy Meetings.

Akinori began his IP career in 1994 with designing a nation-wide IP network operated by NEC Corporation, and actively contributed for the Japanese Internet Community including JANOG, Japan Network Operators' Group, since 1997, and JPNIC members.

Currently he is working for France Telecom Networks and Carriers Division and in charge of Regional IP Product Management. He is also Director of JPNIC IP Department responsible for the IP address management in Japan, and current Chair of APNIC EC.

If you have any questions please email secretariat@apnic.net.

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