APNIC 14 Open Policy meeting outcomes

168 delegates attended APNIC 14. This included APNIC members, representatives from other RIRs and ICANN, and other associates in the Internet community.

A summary of the meeting is provided below. All presentations have been posted on the meeting website and can be accessed via the meeting program


  1. ASO Address Council election
  2. Mr. Takashi Arano was re-elected as an Asia Pacific region Address Council representative at the ASO meeting, with his new term to run for three years from 1 January 2003. He has been actively making great contributions to the Internet community, not only in Asia Pacific region but also throughout the world, including his tireless efforts in helping to develop the new IPv6 address allocation and assignment policy that has now been adopted by all three Regional Internet Registries.

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  3. Policy decisions
  4. At APNIC 14, consensus was reached on the policy developments noted below. APNIC will announce full details of all of these developments as the documentation is completed and the policies are implemented.

    • NIR criteria and operational policies accepted subjected to the Secretariat providing more clarification of DNS issues

    • - APNIC will accept applications for new NIRs from 1 December 2002
    • Assignments to be available for critical infrastructure in both IPv4 and IPv6

    • - Definition includes Root DNS, ccTLD, IANA, RIRs/NIRs, but not IXPs
      - Assignment size is /24 for IPv4 and /32 for IPv6
      - note: in the existing IXP policy, the IPv6 assignment size is to be increased from /64 to /48
    • ASN policy document accepted in principle subject to a final call for comments

    • - LIRs will be able to assign non-portable ASNs
    • Experimental Internet resource allocations will be available

    • IPv4 policy will be amended to allow LIRs to make allocations

    • - Restricted to LIRs only
    • IPv6 addresses to be set aside for documentation purposes

    • - The specific range of addresses to be set aside for use in documentation examples will be discussed with other RIRs
    • MAIL-FROM to no longer be available as an authentication method in maintainer objects

For more information on policy discussions, see:

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